Visit Arkansas’s Top-Rated State Parks

Arkansas isn’t called the Natural State for nothing. From lush forests to crystal clear springs to flowing rivers and majestic mountains, Arkansas has a lot to offer nature lovers. With over 50 state parks covering some 55,000 acres, there’s a lot to see and do within our borders. Below, we’ll take a look at a few of the state’s top-rated state parks worth visiting this summer.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Roland, Arkansas

Just west of Little Rock, Pinnacle Mountain (the park’s namesake) marks the center point of one of the state’s most diverse parks in all of Arkansas. The park boasts a wide variety of outdoor activities. The two main hiking trails leading to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, the East Summit Trail and the West Summit Trail, provide some truly outstanding views of the surrounding countryside. There’s also an additional 15 miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Petit Jean State Park

Morrilton, Arkanson

Named for a legendary French girl who disguised herself as a boy and secretly accompanied her sweetheart, Petit Jean translates to “Little John” and has the distinction of being Arkansas’s first state park. Positioned between the Ouachita and Ozark mountain ranges, Petit Jean covers over 3,400 acres featuring forests, ravines, rivers, and waterfalls to explore. The park’s most noteworthy feature is Cedar Falls, a 95-foot waterfall that plunges into Cedar Creek’s canyon.

Devil’s Den State Park

Winslow, Arkansas

Nestled in Lee Creek Valley, which is part of the Ozark Mountains, Devil’s Den State Park is home to several unique rock formations, cliffs, and caves, primarily made of sandstone, including one cave from which the park takes its name. There is still no public access to Devil’s Den cave as well as the park’s other caves, but there’s no need to worry. The park has over 2,500 acres to bask in, with tons of other activities to keep you busy, including trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding as well as plenty of campgrounds.

Mount Nebo State Park

Dardanelle, Arkansas

Spanning over 1,750 acres, the park is situated on the 1,350 ft peak from which it draws its name. Mount Nebo State Park offers a perfect family get away with 24 camping sites and 14 fully equipped campsites. The park is known specifically for its 4.5-mile loop called Bench Trail that encircles around Mount Nebo’s perimeter that offers hiking and mountain biking with amazing views.  

Crater of Diamonds State Park

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

One of Arkansas’s most iconic and famous state parks, and in the country, is Crater of Diamond State Park. Its 37.5 acres plowed field is the world’s only diamond-bearing field site to which the public has access to. Since 1906, over 33,000 diamonds have been found in the park, the most famous being a massive 40.23 diamond nicknamed Uncle Sam. After you’re done digging in the dirt, the park offers quite a few traditional park activities like walking trails, camp sites, and even has a water park.  

Mount Magazine State Park

Paris, Arkansas 

This state park is located around the state’s highest peak, 2,753-foot Mount Magazine, and offers panoramic views Petit Jean River Valley and the distant Ozark Plateau. The park’s positioning gives tons for more adventurous visitors, with plenty of opportunities for rock climbing, rappelling, and hang gliding. The park also features the Lodge at Mount Magazine for those looking for a more laid-back experience. It’s a modern facility with hotel rooms and cabins, a restaurant, multiple conference rooms, and an indoor swimming pool. Not to mention several campsites that are available for tent camping and RVs.

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