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Whole Life Insurance

Cover your family with a life insurance policy that maintains level premiums and pays you dividends.

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Whatever your family’s life insurance needs, Farm Bureau Insurance can build the right plan for you. Start with a permanent life policy, which is the foundation of any life insurance plan, and add term coverage to meet your temporary needs.

Whole Life Insurance Plans

These plans provide protection to age 100. Guaranteed cash values grow through the years. Dividends* can further enhance the cash values and death benefit.

Whole Life Insurance

Premiums are guaranteed level to age 100

20 Pay Life

Premiums are level and guaranteed for 20 years. At that time the coverage is paid up; no further premiums are required.

30 Pay Life

Premiums are level and guaranteed for 30 years. At that time the coverage is paid up; no further premiums are required.

Single Premium Whole Life

One premium in a lump sum is paid upfront at the beginning of the policy. No riders (except Accelerated Benefit Rider) are allowed with this policy.

Whole Policy Dividends

Dividends* may be paid on a whole life policy. The owner of the policy can choose how to apply any dividends that the policy might earn.

Dividend options may be:

  • Used to purchase participating paid-up additional insurance protection, increasing the policy’s cash value and death benefit.
  • Left in the policy to accumulate and earn interest.
  • Applied to your premium payment each year, reducing the amount you pay out of pocket.
  • Paid to you directly each year.

Other Benefits

Accelerated Benefit Rider (ABR)

Allows the insured to acquire a portion of the policy benefits in the event of terminal illness. ABR is available at no additional premium.

Waiver of Premium Agreement (WP)

Waives premiums on the policy while the insured is totally disabled. WP is available for an additional premium.

Premium Insurance (Payor Death or Disability)

Can pay the premium if the premium payor is totally disabled or dies (depending on the coverage and terms of the contract) before the insured child is financially able to pay the premiums.

Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO)

Guarantees that on each option date a new life policy may be purchased on the life of the insured without evidence of insurability. GIO is available for an additional premium.

We can help customize a permanent life insurance plan that meets your needs. Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

*Dividends are not guaranteed and are based on the Company’s experience in investment earnings, mortality, expenses and taxes.

Our Whole Life Insurance is a product of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company. 

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