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Home Insurance Discounts

Just like we love helping you protect what’s important to you, we love saving you money, too. That’s why Farm Bureau Insurance offers the following discounts for homeowner, condo and townhouse, and rental insurance coverages:

New Home Discount

If your home is less than 25 years old, you may qualify for a  new home discount depending on a variety of factors, from type of construction to materials used – and in some cases, even location.

Companion Policy Discount

If you insure your home and autos with Farm Bureau Insurance, you may qualify for discounts.

Occupation Discount

If you are a full-time farmer or a retired person over the age of 55 and live on the insured premises on a full-time basis, you may qualify for the occupation discount.

Theft / Loss Control Discounts

Installing an alarm system, strategically placed fire alarms or fire extinguishers, and other loss control measures could qualify you for discounted premiums.

Want to know how these discounts can help drive down the cost of your homeowners insurance? Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent to find out.

Our Homeowners insurance is a product of Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Arkansas, Inc. 

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