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General Liability Insurance

Farmers, individuals, and businesses may not always be aware of their liability exposures from farming activities, from the public, or from their employees. Each person owning or in charge of property is subject to the possibility of claims or suits for damages due to bodily injury or the death of others, and for damage to or destruction of the property of others.

General Liability insurance provides liability coverage for farm operations accidents, livestock getting onto a highway, injury or death of farm employees, injury to members of the public or visitors on the insured’s premises, and for accidents arising out of the insured’s personal activities or dependent family members residing in the insured’s household.

Types of Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

Our General Liability policy pays for bodily injury, sickness, or disease, including death, for which you are legally obligated to pay, resulting from certain types of accidents. It also pays to defend you in a claim or suit asking for damages.

Property Damage Liability

The General Liability policy also pays for property damage which you become legally obligated to pay because of injury to or the destruction of the property of others, for certain types of accidents.

Medical Payments

The policy also pays reasonable expenses, up to the limit of liability, incurred within one year from the date of a covered accident for necessary medical, surgical, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, and funeral services to or for each person who sustains bodily injury, sickness or disease, caused by an accident:

  • While such person is on your premises with your permission.
  • While elsewhere, if the accident is caused by you, your animals, your farm employees while working for you, or if it arises out of a condition on your premises.

Limited Farm Products Liability

When you choose Farm Products Liability coverage, the policy pays up to $5,000 for damages you become legally obligated to pay as damages resulting from the production and sale of agricultural products, produced on or for use on your farm premises.

Death of Livestock on Public Highways

If you choose to purchase this optional coverage, your policy will pay for loss by death of certain types of livestock, such as cattle and horses owned by you, caused by the animal being struck by a motor vehicle that is not owned or operated by you or your employees, while the animal is within a public highway and is not being transported.

Additional Items Covered

The General Liability policy may be extended to provide protection for:

  • Custom farming
  • Tenant occupied residences
  • Seasonal dwellings
  • Certain additional businesses
  • Liability for boats with motors over 25 hp
  • Vacant lots and non-farm acreage
  • Employer’s liability to farm employees

Does your farm or business need General Liability protection? Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

Our General Liability insurance is a product of Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company. 

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