Commitment to Safety

Important Safety Information

Safety can save you money on insurance.
It can also save your life.

In addition to our insurance products, an additional way you can protect your family and your assets is to take safety as serious as we do.

Browse the following safety tips to keep insurance claims to a minimum – and keep you and your family safe from injury:


Learn more about your ATV’s safety equipment, general tips, pre-ride inspections, educational courses, and insurance options to ride safely as possible.


Take the proper safety precautions to insure your electrical system is safe and operational by taking our electrical safety survey.


Thousands of Arkansas are injured every year in fires. Take a survey to learn if your home’s electrical system, smoke detectors, heating system, and kitchen are up to date.


Livestock safety information and tips on handling popular farm animals like cattle, milk cows, hogs, and horses.


Learn more about severe weather in Arkansas including information on tornados: how they form, watches vs. warnings, how to take shelter, and how to plan ahead.


Tractors are a leading cause of death on farms in Arkansas. Learn about safety procedures as well as roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and seat belt-equipped tractors.


Find tips and information on recreational water safety including waterplay, swimming and diving, pools and spas, and boating and fishing.

Wood Heat

Learn tips for wood heat safety including how to select, buy, and install a wood stove, creosote and flues, and wood stove use and maintenance in your home.

Please Note: These suggested safety precautions are provided as a service. Farm Bureau Insurance does not assume or accept any liability for damages resulting from the use of this information.