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Protect your boat or watercraft from damage, liability, and other boaters with our Boat Owners insurance coverage options.

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Arkansas Boat Owner Insurance Coverages

Farm Bureau Insurance offers coverages that will offer you peace of mind as well as keep your boat in compliance with state laws.

Physical Damage Coverage

Coverage to protect your boat, motor and trailer. Coverage applies while your boat is on the water, in storage, or in transit-to and from the water.

Watercraft Liability Coverage

Provides bodily injury and property damage protection for you. If you damage another boat or injure someone outside of your boat, this coverage will apply.

Medical Payments (including a $2,500 Death Benefit)

If you or your passengers are injured in a boating accident this coverage will help with medical and hospital expenses.

Uninsured Boater Coverage

Provides bodily injury protection to you and your household along with authorized users of your boat whenever you are injured by an uninsured boat owner.

Houseboat Contents Coverage

Provides coverage for losses to your personal property located on an insured houseboat.

Fishing Gear Endorsement

Protects your rods, reels, tackle, tackle boxes and other common tackle accessories while on board your boat.

Increased Boat Equipment Endorsement

Options for increased coverage above the $500 limit provided under Physical Damage Coverage for boat equipment. Items such as anchors, oars, detachable trolling motors, motor covers, skis and inflatable tubes are included. Limits are available up to $10,000.

Increased Emergency Watercraft Assistance Endorsement

Options for increased coverage above the $100 limit provided under Physical Damage Coverage. This provides towing and labor for disabled watercraft.

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