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Umbrella Liability

Make sure you have an umbrella for a rainy day. This policy picks up when your standard policy reaches its limit.

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Umbrella Liability Insurance Coverage

Why do you need an umbrella liability policy? It’s an extra layer of coverage in a time you could really need it.

An Umbrella Liability policy offers an “umbrella” of protection by providing additional, excess limits of protection above your other “underlying” policies. These underlying policies are typically your auto, homeowners, watercraft, and other liability coverages. An Umbrella Liability policy may also provide your first protection through broad “drop down” protection, offering coverage when another policy may have limited or excluded coverage.

How Umbrella Insurance Policies Work


If you want to protect your family’s assets from a large liability claim or lawsuit, you should talk with your agent about applying for an Umbrella policy. Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent who can help.

Our Umbrella policy is a product of Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Arkansas, Inc.

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