Affordable Heart Disease Screenings Available for Farm Bureau Insurance Policyholders

Know Your Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest for Less

Did you know that only one in ten people struck by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survives? 

October is “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month,” and the first thing you need to know about SCA is that it is not a heart attack. When the blood flow to the heart is blocked, this condition causes the heart to suddenly stop beating. The affected person can die in minutes without quick action.

You can learn more about SCA and how you can quickly act to save a life at the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and on this infographic from the American Heart Association

Farm Bureau Insurance in Arkansas knows there has never been a better time to take preventive measures to guard your health. We want to remind our policyholders that, as Farm Bureau members, you have access to many benefits, including Life Line Screening tests at a discounted rate. 

Preventive Screenings Can Extend Lives

These preventative screenings are designed to stop many serious health issues before they start, checking for signs of stroke, heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, peripheral artery disease, and osteoporosis.

Life Line’s healthcare professionals use the latest technology to provide hospital-quality preventive screenings. When your test results are ready, Life Line will send them directly to you, so you may discuss it with your own doctor. Your medical information always remains confidential. 

The Centers for Disease Control reports that cardiovascular disease, in the form of coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke, or high blood pressure, is the biggest cause of death for both men and women of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Giving yourself the protection of these screenings may be well worth the time. 

Accuracy, Savings, and Convenience 

Life Line uses the most up-to-date ultrasound technology for testing that is painless and non-invasive, and appointments can be arranged for a time that suits you, right in your community. 

Thanks to your Farm Bureau membership, you may request as many as four tests for $135.00. 

To set up your Life Line Screening and take advantage of this discount, call (866) 964-5852 or go online to set up an appointment at a location near you. Remember to mention that you are an Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation member.

Become a Farm Bureau Insurance Policyholder

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