Taking a Road Trip? Listen to an Arkansas Podcast

That long-awaited road trip is finally happening, and you realize it’s going to take more than your teenagers’ music selections to get you there during those hours in the car. How about listening to something interesting, and maybe learning some things while you’re on that long trek? Our podcast selections below are all hosted by and/or about Arkansas. 

Relax, enjoy, and drive safely out there! 

HawgSports Live: An Arkansas Razorbacks Podcast

Arkansas Razorbacks news and analysis with publisher Trey Biddy and recruiting beat man Danny West discuss the Hawg’s first recruitment camp of the season. ‘Want to see how their predictions turned out? Listen to “Razorback Recruiting & Camp Season.”

Random Thoughts from the Road

Craig Alan and Randy Lewis host Random Thoughts from the Road twice monthly, a podcast focusing on their love of motorcycles, riding around the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri and the lifestyle that goes with it. In the episode “Women Motorcycle Clubs,” they discuss female motorcycle clubs such as the original “Motor Maids” founded in 1940, and what it takes to start your own motorcycle club. 

True Crime and Chill

Best friends Amber and Alex host this True Crime and Chill podcast, calling themselves “just two moms with wine and a love for (true) crime” and all things supernatural. They dive deep into some of Arkansas’s most gruesome, often unexplained cases.

In this podcast episode, “Arkansas: The Haunting of the Allen House,” they discuss the Allen House in Monticello, claimed to be the most haunted house in the state. It all started in 1948 when a daughter of Joe Allen, the owner, drank mercury cyanide at her mother’s Christmas Party and died a week later. Secrets about the case began to be revealed in 2009, along with strong paranormal evidence. Would you knowingly continue to live there? 

The Kayak Nerds

Alan Cammack of Canyon River Instruction and Ryan Wiegman of @DigitallCowboy talk about whitewater kayaking in the Arkansas River Valley on their Kayak Nerds podcast. In this episode, “River Safety and Backcountry Skiing with Tommy Gram,” they discuss river accidents, safety and review with guest Tommy Gram, a well-known kayak skills instructor who teaches whitewater kayaking and backcountry skiing.

Stay Safe on the Road with Farm Bureau Insurance

Things change, so before you pack for that road trip, make sure your car insurance coverage is up-to-date. Farm Bureau Insurance in Arkansas provides you with the added protection of Roadside Assistance for free. Checking in with your local agent before a long trip is always a good idea.