The Arkansas Big Buck Classic is Coming January 24-26

Pick Up New Hunting Equipment & Make Sure All Your Equipment Is Properly Insured

The largest hunting expo in the state, the Arkansas Big Buck Classic, is happening at the State Fairgrounds in Little Rock from January 24-26. In addition to a host of other attractions—a chili cook-off, a climbing wall, a youth bow shoot, live animals, and monster trucks—there will be many vendors. You may end up leaving the expo with expensive new hunting equipment. All of your hunting equipment, whether a recent purchase or favorite piece you’ve used many seasons, is valuable and needs to be properly insured.

You may have hunting boats for waterfowl, ATVs and trailers, bow hunting equipment, and firearms. All of these assets would be expensive to replace and may not be fully covered under your regular Homeowners or Renters insurance policy.

Do you own antique or other high-value firearms? Or do you have a vast gun collection? If a thief clears out your entire gun cabinet, your Homeowner’s policy will only pay up to a certain amount. 

Arkansas’s Hunting Schedule

Firearm season for deer is already closed for adults and youth, but bow season is open till February 29 (Happy Leap Year!). And while we may have reached the close of dove season, quail are still up for grabs through February 2, and rabbit and squirrel remain fair game through February 29. Most Arkansas waterfowl are in season through January 31.

See the full list of game and their seasons on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website.

Insuring Firearms

Your Homeowners or Renters policy will cover firearms up to a certain amount, should they be stolen or damaged in a non-flood related disaster. But if you drop your gun into a lake (a real possibility while hunting duck or geese), or your gun becomes damaged in some other way while you’re out in the field, your Homeowners policy may not cover it.

Do you own antique or other high-value firearms? Or do you have a vast gun collection? If a thief clears out your entire gun cabinet, your Homeowners policy will only pay up to a certain amount. This means you may have a large sum to cover out-of-pocket.

Want to make sure your firearms are fully protected? You may need to purchase an Inland Marine Insurance policy. Inland Marine Insurance extends coverage on items that homeowner’s policies often limit—things like guns, cameras, jewelry and damage (not liability) to watercraft.

Insuring Hunting Boats

Many duck and geese hunters prefer to hunt by boat. Duck boats can be as simple or tricked out as you want or need, but you’ll need something that allows you to access places that regular fishing boats can’t. You want a rugged boat that can handle extremely shallow water, with a thick hull to weather stumps.

Hunting boats are an investment, and they’re most likely not fully covered by your Homeowners policy. As a boat owner it would be prudent to consider a boat insurance policy, which can provide both physical damage and liability coverage. This can provide assistance in the event that your boat is damaged or someone is hurt on your boat.

Do Others Hunt on Your Land?

If so, the liability insurance that’s bundled into your Homeowners package may not offer enough protection, should a deer stand buckle, or a firearm discharge. A lot of things can go wrong on a hunt, and while you can prevent many accidents by practicing gun safety, you need to protect yourself. Talk to one of our agents about adding General Liability to your insurance portfolio.

Always Be Insured

A good hunter is always prepared for a number of scenarios, because hunting can be unpredictable. So get in touch with one of our agents today about properly insuring your hunting boat and equipment. Enjoy the hunt—and the Arkansas Big Buck Classic!