Which Cars Are Cheapest To Insure?

How to Find the Right Car with the Most Affordable Insurance

Why Do Some Cars Have Higher Insurance Premiums than Others?

Cars that have higher rates of being involved in accidents and cars that are more expensive to repair are going to cost more to insure. That means, if you want affordable car insurance, stay away from high-powered sports cars and new luxury cars.

Large cars, such as big trucks and SUV’s, are more likely to inflict greater damage to another car in a crash, so they may cost more to insure than economy cars. Cars with anti-theft devices, such as alarm systems, will cost less to insure. Other factors that may affect your car insurance rates include your location, your age, and your driving record.

It may cost more to insure the same car in an urban area than in a rural or suburban area, since there is more traffic and therefore, a greater risk for collision. It may also cost more to insure the same car when a driver is 21 than when a driver is 51, even if both drivers have clean records. Younger drivers (particular drivers younger than 30) are assumed to be less experienced, and statistically, younger drivers have more accidents. Finally, your insurance will go up if you’ve had several claims paid out, had an at-fault accident(s) or had any moving violations.

If you want affordable car insurance, stay away from high-powered sports cars and new luxury cars.

New Car Models With The Most Affordable Insurance Rates*

Shopping for a new-to-you car and wondering which models might be affordably insured? We came up with a list of some fairly safe bets.

  1. Honda: Odyssey LX, Pilot LX, HRV-LX, CR-V
  2. Nissan: Frontier S, Micra, Rogue
  3. Hyundai: Tucson SE, i10
  4. Fiat: 500x Pop
  5. Subaru: Crosstrek 2.0l, Outback, Forrester
  6. Toyota: Highlander, Tacoma, RAV-4
  7. Buick: Encore
  8. Ford: F-150 XL, Edge SE, Explorer
  9. Jeep: Wrangler Black Bear, Renegade Sport, Patriot Sport
  10. Kia: Sportage, Rio

Once you have a new car, you’ll need to get it insured. Want a great rate on car insurance? Contact a local Farm Bureau Insurance agent today.

*Insurance rates will vary.