The Farm Bureau Promise

The mission of the Farm Bureau® Insurance companies in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina is to care for our customers when they need us most. We made a promise to our policyholders to be there during their time of need. And although Coronavirus is a catastrophe different than most, we know our communities need relief now more than ever.

For more than 70 years, we’ve taken pride in humbly answering the call to serve our neighbors across our six states—to protect their way of life, their dreams, and their families. And we will continue to do so. Because we must. Because we can do no less.

Because it’s what we were built to do.

We are grateful to our healthcare providers, law enforcement officers, emergency responders, utility companies, and so many other essential organizations. We are especially thankful to our farmers that provide our food and fiber. In turn, we stand ready to do our part to provide not only insurance services, but also financial relief to our families and communities in this time of crisis.

Promise To Give: Special Premium Credit

The Farm Bureau Insurance Companies are applying a one-time credit to all personal auto policyholders. This special credit is based on 15 percent of two months auto premium paid for each vehicle we cover—an estimated value of about $30 million. No action needs to be taken by the customer to receive this special assistance. We will simply credit the customers’ next invoice after we start the program.

Promise To Serve: Feeding Families

The founding mission of the Farm Bureau Insurance companies is to support the farmers who put food on our tables. In an effort to hold true to the core values of our organization by providing relief to our communities in a time of need, we have jointly decided to donate $2.3 million to local food banks across our six-state footprint.

Promise to Care

Finally, the Farm Bureau Insurance companies are offering multiple financial assistance measures in response to the hardships being experienced due to coronavirus (COVID-19). It is our job to alleviate stress, pain, and hardships where and when we see them, and we are honored to give back to the policyholders we serve.

Payment Accommodations

Any fees charged for insufficient funds whether returned checks or electronic funds transfers, occurring during the months of April and May, will be waived for all insureds and any premium adjustments made based on the number of insufficient funds will be temporarily waived.

Other options on a case-by-case basis include:

  • Extending due dates to allow our customers to make a partial payment
  • Adjusting payment schedule based on current budget so that the insureds can keep coverage in force
  • Adjusting the billing dates to allow for flexibility in making payments

Customers are allowed to make payments of multiple payment types (cash, check, credit card) and that will continue to be available. EFT also continues to be available for eligible accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every auto policyholder with a policy in force on April 30th that has a private passenger auto insured. Private passenger autos include cars, pickups, vans, SUVs and motorcycles.

Only private passenger autos are eligible. Recreational vehicles such as 4 wheelers and motor scooters are not eligible for the credit. Trailers, campers and motorhomes are not included. In addition, farm trucks and commercial trucks are not eligible for the credit.

All Multi-Vehicle (MV), Comprehensive Auto (CA) and Fleet (FL) policies with private passenger autos will receive the credit.

The amount of the credit is 15% of two months premium for each private passenger auto.

Insureds will start receiving the credit as early as June. It will be reflected on the first invoice received after June 1. It will be denoted on the invoice as “COVID-19 Premium Relief”.

No, this credit will be applied one-time to each active auto policy. It is based on 15% of two months of the private passenger vehicles premium and will be reflected on one invoice.

The premium credit is not specific to any particular two months. This one-time credit is based on 15% of two months of the auto policy premium paid for each private passenger vehicle covered.

They do not have to do anything. The credit will be automatically applied to their auto policy with the first invoice after June 1st.

The credit will appear on one line item of their first invoice after June 1st. It will be labeled “COVID-19 Premium Relief”. The amount due on the invoice will automatically reflect that the credit is applied.

Yes, the credit will be applied to their first invoice after June 1st.

Yes, the credit will be applied to their next policy period.

No, the premium credit will not be issued as a refund. The credit will be applied to outstanding or upcoming invoices.

Yes, in order to keep a policy in force, the amount due on the invoice must be paid.

A policy must be in force for the credit to apply. The credit will be applied to the first invoice after June 1st. If a policy was not in force on April 30th, no credit can be applied.

Our Farm Bureau policyholders have put their faith in us. Now, it’s our turn to reward their loyalty with our conviction—and action. Coronavirus has been a catastrophe like no other, and we’re proud to keep the pledge that’s made Farm Bureau Insurance a trusted name for more than 70 years. That’s our legacy. That’s our promise.

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