Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Arkansas Gift Guide

It’s been a busy year, a hectic month, and a crazy couple of weeks, but it’s here: Valentine’s Day. It’s time for procrastinators to buckle down and find that perfect gift for the special someone in their life. If that’s you, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Below, you’ll find a wide variety of vendor-filled links to all manner of gifts, ensuring you’ll be able to find just the right Arkansan-something for your loved one.

Where to Begin?

First things first, what is the perfect type of gift for your significant other? What are their interests? Do they prefer niche items, or the more traditional fare? KARK has put together a helpful article to help you find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for the people in your life. Give it a look while you stew on ideas.

Arkansan Valentine’s Day Gifts by Location

Arkansas is a beautiful place, made even more rich by the incredibly talented Arkansans who call this land home. There are so many small-business owners and thriving Arkansas-based businesses ready and willing to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Does your paramour have a sweet tooth? Arkansan chocolatiers and candy-enthusiasts are all across our state, keeping us all smiling and dentists gainfully employed. Or perhaps your significant other is a morning person, obsessed with finding that perfect cup of coffee to get their day started. If they’re on the other end of the spectrum, they may prefer cocktails to coffee. Either way, there are lots of Arkansan Valentine’s Day gift opportunities for the beverage enthusiast in your life. And finally, if you’re looking to play it safe with some earrings or a new necklace, you can find that in the Natural State. For examples of all of the above, check out this detailed list of Arkansan-made gift ideas.

Northwest Arkansas

Immortalize the song that was playing when you and your love first locked eyes with a wall-hanging. Get them some locally-crafted soap (maybe be clear that it’s not because they need it), or grab them some bath and beauty products at a local business. All of the above and more, including curated chocolates and specialty cards to tell them how you feel, are gifts available in northwest Arkansas.

If you’re looking for a gift specific to Fayetteville, Arkansas, we’ve got you covered. The Fayetteville Flyer has put together an excellent source of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts from local businesses. This list includes boutique items for bearded and mustached men, gardening supplies, cookies, jewelry, maid service, and more.

Little Rock

If you live in the Little Rock area, you’ve got a ton of options available to you for those last-minute gift ideas. Would your special someone appreciate a massage? How about artisan jewelry, locally-printed shirts, some scented candles? And who wouldn’t love some locally produced chocolates? All of this and more can be found in Little Rock Soiree’s list of local gift providers, which even links to some great local gift card ideas as well!

Out and About in Arkansas

Sometimes the best way to celebrate your love is out and about in the state you live in, making new memories. This list of Valentine’s Day activities our great state has to offer can help you do just that. Plan an adventure to experience together, explore your town, or a nearby city, or just set up the perfect date night to share with the one you love.

General Valentine’s Day Gifts and Goods

Sometimes people procrastinate because they just don’t have the time to shop. If that sounds like you, consider something you can handle online to be delivered to your true love. A subscription service proclaims your love month after month. A celebrity endorsement can also go a long way in expressing your feelings. And, of course, there’s always flowers, wines, gifts, and coffee. Select a Valentine’s Day gift to be sent to your valentine on this list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.
Preparation is everything, but we’ve all got to be ready for special circumstances.

Make Sure Your Valentine is Covered With Farm Bureau Insurance

Whether it’s a last minute gift for the one you love, or an insurance plan to protect you and your family, knowledge and preparation is everything. Get started today, and find an agent to start planning ahead.