How to Choose a Charity for Year-End Giving

Tips on Selecting a Cause to Support this Holiday Season

If you have a big heart and the desire to help those in need, 2020 has been a time like no other to share your blessings. 

In a year in which Americans have faced the first great health pandemic in a century and a record number of wildfires and hurricanes, nonprofit organizations across the nation are stretching fewer resources and staff over a widely-increased demand for their services.

At Farm Bureau Insurance in Arkansas, we understand the need. Our goal is always to help those in our own communities. Our own employees operate a community outreach program. Some of the organizations we work with include:

If you’d like to do your part and step up to help a great cause, we’re including some tips below. Every little bit helps. 

Decide Who You Want to Support 

Whether you are a single person making a one-time-gift, a family who finds joy in selecting a good cause to get behind, or a corporation that can make a substantial contribution, there are many worthy causes related to health, education, social causes, families, economic opportunities, recovery/rehab, animal welfare, community safety, the arts, faith-based concerns, historic preservation, environmental issues, hunger, and others that could really use your help. 

It’s important that those who desire to regularly support a charitable cause choose it carefully. It’s likely that your choice is obvious, perhaps based on family experiences, health history, cultural or faith practices, or many other factors. If it doesn’t feel so obvious, take the time to find a cause near and dear to you.

Why We Give

The World Giving Index has once again announced that the United States has been the most generous country in the world over the past decade, in both our time and our money. 

What’s good about giving so much? It’s long been noted that generosity raises self esteem, elicits more self confidence, and increases optimism—and that’s just for the giver! It also encourages the recipient and provides for needs in ways you may never realize. 

Donating to a charity of your choice at year’s end is an annual occurrence for many families who have long found it to be a win-win idea: it not only gives one a sense of happiness as they lift others up, it also allows the giver a tax break. 

Choose a Starting Place 

Below we share a sample of 10 of our state’s charitable organizations. Choosing one to offer your time and resources to just may spark a lifelong relationship you’ll be glad you found. More nonprofits can be found at the Arkansas Community Foundation.

Consider the Arkansas Farm Bureau Foundation

The Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation knows that our state’s residents are generous when it comes to supporting good causes that work to enrich our communities. The Federation’s efforts in that spirit led to the establishment of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Foundation, a nonprofit which they proudly launched in 2019. The Foundation supports education, litigation, research, and disaster relief around the state, particularly in rural and agricultural communities. 

Start Planning for 2021

While you make plans for your annual giving, don’t forget to have your other financial ducks in a row. Schedule your annual insurance review with an agent from Farm Bureau Insurance to make sure that your current insurance coverage will adequately protect your life and assets in the new year. Your agent can go over your policies for life insurance, commercial and business insurance, and insurance for your home and autos. To get started, use our Agent Finder to locate the agent nearest you.