Arkansas Moving Guide: How to Establish Residency

Farm Bureau Insurance in Arkansas knows that establishing residency in a new city or state – or just across town – can be stressful. Moving itself is hassle enough. Since making all the adjustments to set up official residency can be daunting, we’ve done some of the work for you with our tips below. 

How To:

Change Your Mailing Address

The safest, most secure options for changing your mailing address and requesting forward services are either going to a U.S. post office in person and filling out a brief form, or visiting the Official USPS® Change-of-Address, where the process is quick and the quoted cost is just $1.05! (A valid email address and credit card are required.)

Allow at least seven to 10 business days to begin receiving mail at your new address. 

Set Up Utilities

The process of establishing residency used to mean tackling a pretty sizable (and tedious) task: switching your utility services. Fortunately, that can now easily become a thing of the past with a visit to My Utilities. This is an efficient – and free – option for changing services for electricity, natural gas, internet, TV, and home security. They even pledge to find you the best deal with fast set-up! If you need it, they can be reached by phone at 888-613-2379.

You can likely check off the task of arranging water and sewer service by contacting your new municipality’s or county’s public works department. If you want landline phone service, call your current or preferred provider for information.

Contacts with each of these service providers should be made at least two weeks before your move.

Change Address With the IRS

To give the IRS notice of your move, you should complete and return a Form 8822, Change of Address, and/or a Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party. More information is available at IRS Address Change website.

Get a New Driver’s License

Getting a new driver’s is another requirement of establishing residency in a new state. According to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, a new resident must obtain an Arkansas driver’s license at a local revenue office within 30 days after moving to Arkansas. An exam is not required if the applicant surrenders a valid license from another state or one that has not expired in more than 31 days. The cost for a four-year license is $20.

Keep in mind that beginning October 1, 2021, anyone who boards a domestic flight or enters a federal building will need either a “REAL ID” driver’s license, identification card, or other documents. For information, go to

Request Registration of Your Vehicles

New residents to Arkansas should register their vehicles within 30 days, and this link allows you to do just that. You may also apply for your title, transfer your license plate, and pay sales tax – all, they promise, in just 15 minutes! 

Register to Vote

To qualify to vote in the next election, you must apply for registration at least 30 days before the election using an Arkansas voter registration form. Qualified applicants should be notified of their voting precinct by their County Clerk within two weeks, or visit their website for assistance. For questions, contact your County Clerk or call Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston’s Elections Division Voter Services at 1-800-482-1127.

Find Out About Upcoming Elections

Ballotpedia provides an overview of the 2020 Arkansas elections. Ballotpedia has the following information:

  • Sample ballot
  • Offices on the ballot
  • Featured elections
  • Election dates
  • Frequently asked questions

Establish a New Insurance Carrier

Preparation is the key to making a smooth transition when you’re establishing residency in a new place. Welcome to Arkansas, and rest assured that your Farm Bureau Insurance team is here to help.

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