Farm Bureau Insurance: What We Were Built to Do

Arkansans have seen hard times lately, in the midst of a pandemic which has affected so many, much of the state is also now recovering from recent severe storms which have wreaked havoc in the last few weeks. A number of these Arkansans are our customers, but they are also our family, friends, and neighbors. That is what makes the Farm Bureau Promise so strong. Our adjusters and agents live in the same communities as the customers that they serve and when catastrophe strikes they are there and ready to make good on that promise.

As a company, Farm Bureau Insurance strives to provide our customers with fast and fair claims service. That’s why many of our agents and adjusters were on the ground in their communities shortly after the recent Easter storms which caused damage throughout the state and left over 100,000 Arkansans without electricity. That same commitment to service is why our agents and adjusters began their work on Sunday after a recent tornado tore through the town of Jonesboro. In both cases, local adjusters were there and in addition adjusters from around the state responded to the catastrophes to make sure our customers were taken care of as soon as possible. While out checking on customers who were affected by the tornado, one agent was approached by a gentleman who wanted to move their home insurance to Farm Bureau. The gentleman said that his insurance company would not be there for four or five days, while he had seen Farm Bureau adjusters on the ground working claims the day after the storm. That is the type of service that stands behind the Farm Bureau Promise.

Right now the way forward may be unclear and it certainly won’t be an easy road, but we believe that unparalleled service, outstanding employees, and a heart for Arkansans will guide us through these times. As a company, we made a promise to be there for our policyholders. It’s what we were built to do.