Arkansas-Made Duck Calls to Try This Hunting Season

If you are a duck hunter (or if you have one or many duck hunters on your Christmas list), what could be better than a quality duck call for his or her holiday stocking? That’s easy! Instead of making it just any duck call, make it special by getting one that’s made in Arkansas! 

We’ve checked into five homegrown manufacturers of waterfowl callers below for you to browse. Drop a few hints to find out which style would be the best to add to his or her collection (or maybe start a brand-new collection), so you can be sure it’s a keeper. 

Duck Call Manufacturers

Echo Calls

123 Vernon Harvey Road
Beebe, Arkansas 72012
(501) 882-2026

All Echo products are field tested and hunter approved by staff and customers. You’ll find no shortage of video help. Echo provides a wide variety of three-hour DVD instructions highlighting skills and tips for duck calling and hunting. They also offer many styles of camo hats and hunting gear for field, lake, pond or timber hunting. They also carry both duck and goose hunting accessories that include call lanyards, straps, hats, shirts, hoodies, and keychains. 

Elite Duck Calls

2910 Eastline Road
Searcy, Arkansas 72143
(501) 207-2994

Growing up in the small community of Beedville, Arkansas, Brad Allen began his fascination with duck hunting on his first venture out with his dad at the age of six. After he learned how to operate a call, he spent many hours listening to live ducks in the field and memorizing their voices and sounds. His first visit to a duck calling competition in 1988 led him to becoming a regular yearly spectator at the World’s Championship Duck Calling competition in Stuttgart, Germany. 

When he began competitive calling after college, Allen wound up winning his first World’s Championship title in 2010, 2012 and 2013. That’s when he decided it was time to design his own hunting call and recreate the mallard duck sounds he had long studied. From this idea, Elite Duck Calls began, with every call meticulously tuned by Allen himself. 

The Elite commitment to quality means the company consistently requires that the highest quality duck calls are produced without compromise. Brad’s motto and promise to his customers is, “If it’s not good enough to hang on my lanyard, it doesn’t go out. Period!”

Havoc Calls

123 South Adams Street
DeWitt, Arkansas 72042
(870) 588-7841

Havoc Calls is dedicated to offering customers the best waterfowl and turkey calls on the market. They focus on high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, and their calls are backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

The company was founded in 2021 by Jeremy Powell, who learned the art of call making and turned a hobby into a highly successful brand with customers all over the U.S., and several countries around the world. 

Havoc has recently expanded its shop to its new location in DeWitt, building its strength through emphasizing customer service and delivering premium products. They carry collections for duck, Canadian goose, speck, and turkey calls, as well as gear and accessories. 

Refuge Calls

8042 Highway 49 South
Weiner, Arkansas 72479
(870) 219-7964

Adam Lyerly grew up farming in northeast Arkansas and realized at a young age that duck hunting was his life’s passion. Beginning with Bayou DeView Outfitters, which he started more than 15 years ago, he has become one of Arkansas’s most successful waterfowl guiding operations. He also started Bayou DeView Duck Blinds, which is now one of the largest custom manufacturers of pit blinds in the U.S.

Lyerly’s lifelong passion for waterfowl and duck calling has resulted in his forming Refuge Call Co. in 2011. His goal for Refuge is to “produce a world-class duck call with unmatched customer service.” Their calls are made from custom acrylic and are machine turned, then hand-polished and tuned by professional duck callers.

RNT (Rich-N-Tone) Duck Calls

2315 Highway 63 North
Stuttgart, Arkansas 72160
(870) 673-4274

In 1976, Butch Richenback, the 1972 World Champion and 1975 Champion of Champions duck caller, began what would become Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls. He wanted a call that was simple in design, versatile in sound, and easy for the average caller to operate—in short, his goal has been to produce the most realistic duck call ever made. 

Today the company strives to uphold those same values by devoting time and resources to researching, designing, manufacturing, and testing new calls through new materials and manufacturing processes. 

Richenback also emphasizes that their facilities are “more than just a manufacturing facility,” but visitors can watch the process of building the calls. They want to raise awareness of the history of the craft and the hobby of collecting vintage calls. 

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