Do It Yourself: Home Improvement Projects to Try This Summer

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a do-it-yourselfer, you can pull off some of these easy-breezy home improvement projects. These projects will go a long way toward sprucing up your home for the summer. On the other hand, if DIY Network and HGTV are your favorite TV channels, and you spend more of your weekend time at big box home improvement stores than you are willing to admit, face it: you’re a DIYer.

Home Improvement Project Ideas

Either way, you’ll probably enjoy these pride-building projects to add an updated summer spark to your home. Some are small details that provide a bit of flair, while others are more noticeable (and time-consuming), but they all give your surroundings a fresh face for the season. 

Add Landscape Lighting 

Installing landscape lighting yourself is a rewarding project that can instantly add curb appeal and security. It should gently illuminate your best landscaping and shrubbery. Choosing a couple of complementary designs for outdoor lighting fixtures that aren’t exact matches can add extra interest. If you’re considering path lighting, keep it subtle. These fixtures should be gentle guides to watch your step, not perfectly placed runway lighting for an airplane landing.

Front Door Appeal

An appealing front door makes a silent first impression and has a huge impact on your home’s value. Is it time to refinish that worn, sun-drenched west-facing wooden front door with a fresh new coat of exterior stain, or should you just install a new door? Improving your home’s look with this change can make a big difference. 

Flower Boxes

To easily and inexpensively add color and interest to your home’s exterior, try adding flower boxes below your windows or on front porch railings. They are available pre-made or ready to assemble at home improvement stores or DIY websites (where many of these are self-watering, painted, and ready to hang). Alternatively, you can build your own cedar box in an afternoon. Make sure to choose vividly colored plants, maintain them well and change your arrangements seasonally for maximum curb appeal. 

Container Garden 

If the thought of creating and planting multiple flower beds is not your idea of summer fun time, skip the rowing and hoeing and create your own colorful container garden. Choose containers in varying heights, colors and materials to add interest, fill them with good potting soil and add colorful flowers, ornamental grasses and vegetation you love. Not only does this plan add charm to your front porch or steps, it allows you to be as versatile as you wish, swapping out arrangements every season.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

A mailbox that is rusty, dented, dirty, or the victim of a peeling paint job can quickly ruin the warmth and charm of your well-kept home. Assess the damage and decide whether a good coat of paint is in order, or if you need to replace the box and/or the post. Either way, make sure to abide by your HOA regulations. 

Install a New Door Handle or Door Knocker

A unique doorknob, elegant handle, or playful door knocker can dial up the style of an otherwise ordinary front door with little time or money. With a wide range of prices and options, this is a fun project that adds more charm to your home’s first impression.

Switch Out Indoor Light Fixtures

You’ll be happily surprised at how much better your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or any room in your house will feel with updated light fixtures. Replace them yourself with styles that fit your home’s unique design and needs. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Hardware

Don’t underestimate the difference new drawer pulls, and cabinet hardware can make in your kitchen–and the newest trends? Minimalist. Unlacquered brass, matte or satin black, copper, brushed stainless, wood and even leather, mixed or matched! With these striking options, this is one indoor summer project that deserves a second look. Doing this yourself takes less time and money than you think.

Paint Your Walls

This is one suggestion that never gets old! Transform a room (or your basement, garage, mudroom and possibly your entire home) with a fresh coat of paint—as a solid wash, a contrasting wall, a bold new hue or even bright white—and prepare yourself for a positive and immediate change in attitude! (Let’s just call it instant gratification.) These how-to tips could save you some grief! 

Bathroom Trick: Get Rid of Mineral Deposits on Your Shower Head

If you’ve ever had to change out an old shower head because of exposure to mineral deposits, here’s an easy way to clean it: Mist the shower head with a homemade mixture of half white vinegar and half water. Leave it on for several minutes and wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Your nozzle jets will be clean and clear, and it should prolong the life of the shower head.

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