Celebrate World Honey Bee Day with Honey Made in Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Agriculture reports that there are 3,233 active, registered beekeepers in Arkansas managing a total of 48,514 colonies. We are paying homage to the more than one trillion honey bees in Arkansas on August 17th, World Honey Bee Day.

To celebrate our prolific pollinators, learn more about some of the local raw honey brands on our shelves and the Arkansas beekeeping scene.

Local Arkansas Honey Producers*

When you support local honey, you support local agriculture. Try out some of these local honey brands.

Honeyton Farms

Cabot, Arkansas

Honeyton Farms produces honey from rescued bee colonies. In addition to raw honey products (in stores and online), they offer swarm removal services.

Brothers Honey Company

Conway, Arkansas

Brothers Honey Company manages over one million bees. They operate an online shop as well as a brick and mortar store offering candles, wax, balms, and apparel in addition to their raw honey products.

Culp’s Honey Farm

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Culp’s Honey Farm produces raw honey, but they also produce five frame nucs sold with bees included for you to start your own colony.

K-Bee Honey

Sherwood, Arkansas

Larry Kichler produces raw, creamed, comb, and naturally-flavored honey for restaurants and retailers. You can pick it up in Little Rock at the Green Corner Store.

Bemis Honey Bee Farm

Little Rock, Arkansas

The Bemis Honey Bee Farm sells both raw liquid and whipped honey, as well as a huge selection of honey making and beekeeping supplies.

Join a Local Beekeeping Association

Get involved or lend your support! There is a beekeeping group in your area. Explore this map to find your local chapter of the Arkansas Beekeepers Association.

Interested in Beekeeping?

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Cooperative Extension Service has an extensive section on Beekeeping in Arkansas. When you visit the site, you’ll find a wealth of information, including:

  • podcasts for beginner beekeepers
  • beekeeping calendars
  • the UA Bee Blog
  • beekeeping publications
  • information on local beekeeping clubs and organizations
  • links to online classes (UA Extension courses are offered for free around the state in-person, but they are currently on hold due to COVID-19)

Insure Your Hives

Protect the time and money you’ve invested in your hives with an Ag Promise policy from Farm Bureau Insurance of Arkansas. To get started, use our Agent Finder to locate the agent nearest you.

*Farm Bureau Insurance does not promote, endorse, or guarantee quality of honey for any listed honey producer.