Guide to Birding in Arkansas

Arkansas is a Bird Watching Paradise

Natural State couldn’t be a better name for Arkansas. With its diversity of terrain, natural water sources, forests, streams, mountains, and, of course, plentiful wildlife and birds, most of us embrace nature throughout this land.

Arkansas is a paradise for those who enjoy birding. The birding season begins with the songbird migration in the spring. Then, it continues with wading birds in late summer along with bald eagles, the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, and dozens more species. The amount of locations to go birding is plentiful as well. Arkansas boasts dozens of prime birding locations. These include parks, lakes, pristine wildlife refuges, and the 1.2 million-acre Ozark National Forest.

Find Your Birding Spots

If you want to participate in this growing activity, try using the Top Birding Hotspot finder. The app will help you quickly gather directions, site descriptions, types of species you can expect to see, and more. 

Once you’ve done your research, try to visit a diversity of habitats (such as marshes, pine woods, hardwood forests, prairies, open water, and others), so you can find the greatest variety of birds. 

Birding Resources

The downloadable Arkansas Birding & Watchable Wildlife Guide is filled with tips and information for enjoying Arkansas outdoors. The guide includes viewing tips, viewing ethics, and a list of 99 wildlife areas. The list includes important bird areas, state parks, wildlife management areas, natural areas, education centers, trails, and more. 

Many state park visitor centers will offer bird lists and wildlife spotting guides to make your outing more memorable. This photographic listing of 423 species of Arkansas birds can help familiarize you with birds you may see during your visit. 

Arkansas Birding Programs

The Wings Over Arkansas program is a great way to motivate bird watchers of all ages to document each new type of bird they see. This award-based project recognizes bird watchers’ interest and contributions to Arkansas’s outdoors. Sign up and start your own checklist of birds you’ve seen, and you may receive a decorative pin and certificate. 

Additional resources to continue your interest in Arkansas bird watching are Audubon Arkansas and the Little Rock Audubon Center.

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